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"Caregiving often calls us to lean into love

we didn't know was possible."

Healing Hands for Helping Hearts

Healing Hands for Helping Hearts

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Linda Demme founded Healing Hands for Helping Hearts from a desire to serve those who take on the tremendous task of caring for another, both physically and emotionally. She saw the need for caregivers to protect and nurture their own health, to be at their best to provide support for a loved one.


Healing Hands offers therapeutic massage to support caregivers who are caring for people with disabilities and health care needs across the lifespan.


Linda’s background as a registered nurse and massage therapist has given her experience with seniors and their families, and she understands how difficult it is to focus attention on oneself when demands of family and work never cease. Along with massage, she focuses on health and wellness, specifically nutrition, exercise and rest.


In her role as director, Linda oversees the process of providing massage to include screening the applicants, meeting each person to discover individual needs and assigning a therapist to work with them.

Linda has an active private practice in therapeutic massage therapy working closely with chiropractors, acupuncturists and personal trainers to maximize the wellness of each client. She also works as a registered nurse in long-term care, guiding families through the process of rehabilitation and Medicare coverage so their family member can return to the community.


Her vision for Healing Hands is to expand the availability of massage therapists and include other complementary therapies to support each caregiver.



Healing Hands Application for

Caregiver Respite Services


Healing Hands for Helping Hearts provides therapeutic massage services at an affordable rate and encourages caregivers to participate regularly. An application is required and a referral is necessary from either a case manager or a physician. This information will not be shared and will be kept confidential. An appointment requires fifty dollars for a one-hour treatment session and the appointments will be scheduled with a therapist

at the Wellness Center Fairport.

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